I need to update, but I'm not in the mood right now. I've been at work all day with nothing to do, so I've spent my time playing around with Photoshop, looking at tutorials, downloading textures, and trying out some new things! I made my first icons ever! Obviously I still need a lot of practice, but I made a few that I wanted to post. :)


more poetry.

Three poems I wrote for English. All of these poems had certain restrictions, but I can't remember them exactly. I think they're okay- the professor read them all aloud to the class, so that must mean something :)

They all deal with fairly controversial or disturbing topics- anorexia, Hurricane Katrina, and atheism.

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Both of Them, My Arms Around You

best dad ever.

Today, my dad was telling me that one of his kids at work was talking about the XF, and how if it was coming out now it wouldn't be well received. He said that it only worked because of the interest in government conspiracies at the time. My dad said this in reply:

"He really didn't get the point. The X-Files had good writing, good stories, but what it really came down to was the Mulder and Scully thing. It was their relationship, their companionship. Mulder and Scully are the ones. Their collaboration was what made the show great."


I'm really feeling the need to watch XF and write some fanfic right now. I'm just not sure where to start.


In my English class, we had to write a poem. Generally, I hate most poetry and I hate writing poetry (for several reasons), but I've actually had fun being forced to write it for this class.

Doesn't make sense just by looking at it
2+ stanzas
All lines have the same number of syllables (I chose 6)
One sound in each line connects to another sound in another line
Use the word "trombone"
Spring theme
1+ concrete noun in each line

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Still working on thinking about my ECCC post.

Fic: Moments, Rushing Past

I wrote this for 2009 XF Santa and never ended up posting it to my journal. Only because I'm kind of OCD about everything being in the same place, here it is. The formatting is a little different, due to it being posted on Ephemeral first.

Title: Moments, Rushing Past
Author: LiLx (a_is4addiction)
Rating: PG-13 with an R section
Word Count: 3,242
Summary: "What if we could stop, pause to take
stock of each precious moment before it passes?"
A series of vignettes spanning Moose and Squirrel's
time together.

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